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In the AV industry, we love to talk about return on investment. Taking the acquisition costs or the total cost of ownership and comparing it with the success metrics of our customers to justify the project. And often these conversations lead to customers feeling like the investment is too great [...]
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December 7, 2017
LIPA's 2016 Annual General was held on November 17, 2016 at the River Terrace Inn in Napa, California. The event began with a welcome speech from Chairman, Jan Daem of Barco. Jan reminded those assembled of the reasons we were all there – to address the common issues [...]

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As the Audio Engineering Society (AES) continues to forge new directions in the advancement of audio science and practice, Alex Case has assumed the presidency of the world's preeminent professional audio organization. "Alex Case has a diverse background in business, science, engineering and academia," shares John Krivit, immediate Past President [...]

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The transition to 4K (or more specifically, media content and displays with a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels, a/k/a Ultra HD) is happening with incredible speed. Consider that the first 4K LCD display sold in the United States was an 84−inch monster, manufactured by LG Display and private−labeled by Sony, LG, [...]
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The success of the recent 141st AES Convention in Los Angeles was hailed by both organizers and attendees alike as the must-attend professional audio event of the year. AES Conventions serve as the premier event for presentation of the latest science and information in audio technology and application, and nowhere [...]

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The Governing Board of the Laser Illuminated Projectors Association (LIPA) held their quarterly meeting at Barco's new worldwide headquarters on 8 September. The group was very impressed with the beautiful new campus, high-quality demo areas, the open workspace and conference concept, and the very professional, yet welcoming, Barco staff. The [...]

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Sabato 22 ottobre si è concluso il SAIE di Bologna, dove SIEC era presente in forze nel Padiglione 33, “ospite” di All Digital – Smart Building. Il "SIEC Theatre" è stata una vetrina dell'integrazione dei sistemi AVC. [...]
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DOOH.IT e Tagliabue Sistemi hanno ottenuto questo importante riconoscimento dalla giuria di SAIE INNOVATION per i loro prodotti innovativi. [...]
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Today, the Laser Illuminated Projector Association (LIPA) released to the public its Recommended Practice: Measurement of Speckle in Laboratory Conditions, a guide for laser projector makers, installers, and theater operators to measure and compare this common laser attribute caused when coherent light bounces off a rough surface. The [...]
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