Nest Hello – video-campanello per la sicurezza della casa smart

Nest Labs ha recentemente annunciato diverse novità rivolte alla sicurezza delle abitazioni – tra queste figura Nest Hello, una soluzione che combina la praticità di un video-campanello alla qualità nonché alle caratteristiche intelligenti della telecamera Nest Cam.

Pensata per verificare e avere sotto controllo ciò che avviene al di là della porta dell’ingresso principale, Nest Hello consente di vedere dalla testa ai piedi chi staziona in posizione ravvicinata davanti al portone nonché eventuali pacchi e oggetti lasciati in terra, grazie ad un campo di visione di 160 gradi ed un formato 4:3 dell’immagine. tra le altre caratteristiche, lo streaming in diretta 24/7, l’imaging HDR e la visione notturna.

Di seguito, il comunicato ufficiale:

Nest Expands into Home Security with First Security System Designed to Be Easy on Residents, Tough on Intruders

  • With Six New Products, Nest Doubles Hardware Portfolio for Second Time in A Year
  • Nest Secure Designed to Be Both Effective Against Intruders and Delightful to Use
  • Nest Hello Delivers Trusted Security of A Nest Cam with the Familiar Convenience of A Doorbell
  • Nest Cam IQ Outdoor Brings Intelligence to Securing the Outside of the Home

Nest Labs, Inc. (, architect of the thoughtful home, today announced a home security solution that includes the Nest Secure alarm system, Nest Hello video doorbell, Nest Cam IQ outdoor security camera, and corresponding software and services.

  • Nest Secure alarm system – A home security system designed to be tough on intruders and easy on you. The Nest Secure starter pack includes these products:
    • Nest Guard is an all-in-one security base that provides the alarm, keypad and a motion sensor, along with a friendly voice.
    • Nest Detect is a category first: a sensor that detects both motion and open or close movement in one compact, battery-powered product. Put it on a window and it will know when it opens. Stick it on a wall and it senses motion in a room. Place it on a door and it can do both.
    • Nest Tag is a convenient fob that can attach to a keychain, allowing you to easily arm and disarm Nest Secure without a passcode. Nest Tags are easy to share with family members and trusted people who regularly enter the home, like dog walkers.
  • Nest Hello video doorbell – Nest’s first video doorbell combines the trusted security and intelligence of a Nest Cam with the familiar convenience of a doorbell.
  • Nest Cam IQ outdoor security camera – Purpose-built outdoor security camera that protects homes with best-in-class imaging and intelligence, and tamper resistant, weatherproof components.

“Today, Nest is delivering on the next phase of our strategy to create the thoughtful home,” said Marwan Fawaz, chief executive officer of Nest. “We’ve had quite a year so far, expanding into 11 more countries, growing our product portfolio with the successful launches of Nest Cam IQ indoor and the Nest Thermostat E, and today we’re disrupting yet another product industry: home security. By building product experiences our customers love, Nest has experienced more than 60% growth on devices shipped in recent years and continues to expand to millions of homes around the world”

Nest Secure

Nest Secure is the first alarm system that is actually enjoyable to live with, designed to be convenient for homeowners as they come and go.

“When we looked at the home security market, we saw a similar landscape to when we entered the thermostat market,” said Matt Rogers, Nest’s founder and chief product officer. “Just as people tend not to use programmable thermostats because of their complexity, the current home security offerings are also a huge pain to live with – whether it’s bulky hardware, false alarms or loud and stressful countdowns. That’s why 43 percent of people with alarm systems don’t ever arm them.* We set out to design a product that isn’t just effective during a security incident, but is delightful and easy to use when people are at home with their families, living their lives, which is the vast majority of the time.”

Everyone in the family has a different routine, so Nest provides multiple ways to arm and disarm: by tapping Nest Tag onto Nest Guard, through the Nest app, or by entering a code on the Nest Guard keypad.

Nest Secure makes it easy to monitor from anywhere, sending a notification if something needs attention. Customers have the option to add additional monitoring and deterrence by adding Nest Cams to their system, which are all controlled from the same Nest app.

Nest Detect sensors combine both motion and open/close detection so they can be placed on either doors, windows or walls. They also provide the option to temporarily bypass the alarm on the way out, with the press of a button, thanks to a feature called Quiet Open. And if someone forgets to turn on the alarm? Nest sends a Remind Me notification to arm it directly from the app.

Nest Guard is designed to remain on guard – with battery backup and an optional cellular backup service – even if Wi-Fi is down or the power is out. And with an easy, voice-guided setup that doesn’t require tools, screws or wires, it’s simple for either the customer or a Nest Pro to install.

Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Today, Nest is shipping intelligent and powerful cameras. But there is one important area of the home not completely addressed by Nest Cams – the front door. It’s the place people come in and out. Where the action happens. And one of the first places burglars check for occupants.

Nest Hello can detect a person, then send an alert and a snapshot, even if that person doesn’t ring the bell. With Nest Aware, customers can get alerts when strangers or suspicious activity like people talking or dogs barking are detected.

Nest Hello customers can engage with guests and strangers at the door from anywhere and have a natural conversation with HD Talk and Listen. Echo suppression and ambient noise cancellation ensure it’s easy to hear each other, even on noisy streets. A list of pre-recorded responses makes it easy to quickly and effortlessly answer visitors with one tap from the app.

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

Buying a security camera is driven by the peace of mind that comes from knowing the home and family are protected. But when it comes to keeping an eye on the home, we know people don’t want more information, they want better, actionable information.

Earlier this year, with the launch of Nest Cam IQ indoor, Nest introduced one of the most intelligent and powerful cameras on the market to bring better security to the inside of your home.

Now, Nest is extending that intelligence outside. Featuring a brand new design, Nest Cam IQ outdoor is a camera that does more and requires less time from customers. Instead of just showing what’s happening, it will deliver critical, actionable information via an alert – like spotting someone unfamiliar in the yard – so users know that the alert is important.

Google Assistant on Nest Cam IQ Indoor

Not only is Nest bringing new hardware to its camera portfolio, but will provide customers the option to add the Google Assistant to Nest Cam IQ indoor. It’s the first security camera to have the Google Assistant built in, and will be available via a free software update for all current and new customers this winter. The Google Assistant adds a new level of intelligence to Nest Cam IQ indoor, including the ability to ask questions, control the home, and manage tasks.

Security Product Integrations

Through the Works with Nest program, Nest has been working with partners to create integrations with its portfolio of new security products.

As previously announced, Nest has been working with Yale, which brings 175 years of expertise in locks, to build a modern take on a secure deadbolt. The new lock, as well as Nest’s own products, leverages both the Thread and Weave technologies to securely communicate with Nest Secure and other Nest products, even if the power is out or there’s no Internet connection. The Nest + Yale lock will be available early next year.

Customers can disarm the Nest Secure alarm system when they unlock the Nest + Yale lock, and they’ll be able to unlock the door when they notice a friend (or delivery person) through the Nest Hello video doorbell.

Nest will also launch a new accessory, called Nest Connect, that will ensure Nest Secure will work in large homes, as well as enable the Nest + Yale lock, and similar products, to connect to the Internet and be controllable via the Nest App.

When it comes to security, making a home seem like it’s occupied can provide powerful deterrence. Works with Nest products including lights, switches and plugs from companies such as Lutron, LIFX, and Philips can connect with Nest security products to make it look like you’re home when Nest notices you’re away. That can help prevent break-ins from happening.

And with Chamberlain’s MyQ-enabled garage door openers, users can get a notification if they’ve left their garage door open. Then they can close it from wherever they are with a tap on their phone.

The Works with Nest program, using technologies such as Thread and Weave, enables Nest products to work seamlessly with products from other manufacturers as a complete system.

Pricing and Availability

Nest Secure can be pre-ordered beginning today on and will ship in November, when it will become available at leading retailers in the U.S.

  • The Nest Secure starter pack, which includes Nest Guard, two Nest Detects and two Nest Tags, has a suggested retail price of $499.
  • Customers will be able to purchase additional Nest Detects for $59 and Nest Tags for $25.
  • A Nest Secure starter pack plus Nest Cam Outdoor will be available on and at Best Buy for $598, a $100 discount.
  • Cellular backup service will be available on for $5 per month or $50 per year.
  • Nest has partnered with MONI to offer its award-winning, 24/7 professional monitoring service in the coming months.

And we’ll be launching Nest Secure in Europe and Canada next year.

Nest Cam IQ outdoor will be launching in the United States, Canada and all Nest European markets in November at leading retailers, and can be pre-ordered on beginning today.

  • Nest Cam IQ outdoor is available at a suggested retail price of $349 or in a two-pack for $598.
  • To get more details about when it will be available, please visit

Nest Hello will be available in the U.S. and Canada in the first quarter of 2018, and Europe later next year. Visit the Nest Hello page for more information.

Say hello to Nest Hello

Your front door is a special place. It’s the thing that separates your home from the outside world. It’s where you watch your kids come home from school. Where you greet friends. Where packages pile up ahead of the holidays. And it’s the first place burglars go to try to get in your home.

You want to do everything you can to protect that space. And keep unwelcome visitors out. So today, we’re reimagining another unloved thing around the house – the doorbell.

Meet the Nest Hello video doorbell, available in the first quarter of 2018. It combines the convenience of a video doorbell with the image quality and intelligence of a Nest Cam.

Nest Hello is designed for what happens at the front door. You need to be able to see people head to toe from close range, as well as packages on the ground. So Nest Hello’s HD camera has a 160° field of view and a 4:3 aspect ratio.

You also want to know who’s there, even when you’re not home or it’s dark out. That’s why Nest Hello has 24/7 live streaming, HDR imaging and night vision to give you a clear view.

If there’s one thing that’s consistent about burglars, it’s that they don’t announce themselves. Not a problem with Nest Hello. It can light up and send you an alert when someone approaches, even if they don’t ring the bell. And if you subscribe to Nest Aware, Nest Hello can tell you exactly who’s there with familiar face alerts.*

Nest Hello also has HD Talk and Listen. So you can answer the door, whether you’re home or not. And you can use prerecorded Quick Responses to play a voice message for visitors with a tap of your finger. It’s perfect for when you’re in a meeting, but don’t want to miss an important delivery at home. Simply tap the Quick Response that says, “You can leave it. Thanks!”

To find out more about Nest Hello in the coming months, please visit the Nest Hello page.

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