NEC NC3541L – proiettore 4K con tecnologia laser RB per il cinema

Al CineEurope 2017, NEC Display Solutions ha annunciato il lancio del suo nuovo proiettore laser ad alta luminosità per le sale cinematografiche di dimensioni medio-grandi, con 35.000 lumen e tecnologia laser RB che esalta la qualità delle immagini.

NEC NC3541L - proiettore 4K con tecnologia laser RB per il cinema

Si tratta del nuovo esemplare della linea Digital Cinema Projector Series di NEC che proprio grazie alla suo sistema laser RB, è capace di restituire un’esperienza di visione delle immagini 4K di livello notevole. Si tratta della stessa tecnologia sfruttata dal modello NC1700L (più indicato per sale medio-piccole), che prevede l’azione di due laser, rosso e blu, accoppiati al verde del fosforo, per restituire colori più ricchi e brillanti e che consente di oltrepassare le capacità di emissione di luce e colori dei sistemi di proiezione laser/fosforo tradizionali.

Disponibilità in Europa prevista a partire da Settembre 2017.

Di seguito, il comunicato ufficiale:

NEC Display Solutions brings new experiences to large cinemas with the NC3541L projector

Bringing 4K projection and RB laser light source technology together, NEC delivers a compelling cinema solution for theatre operators

NEC Display Solutions Europe today announced the launch of the NC3541L, a high level brightness cinema laser projector for large screens. It is the brightest cinema projector with 35,000 lumens output using red and blue (RB) laser technology. NEC has brought this technology to market, providing cinema operators with cutting-edge image display solution for large format cinema installations up to 32 metres wide.

With ground-breaking improvements in laser-based projection for digital cinema projection, RB laser technology sets new standards for visual clarity.

The NC3541L offers brilliant colourful images via the RB laser system, delivering an enhanced 4K cinema experience with pristine images. The new laser system features red and blue lasers paired with green phosphor to produce a rich colour spectrum for the ultimate movie-going experience.

This combination of both laser phosphor and RGB laser technologies delivers a powerful projector with compelling benefits in terms of cost, operational efficiency and immersive image quality.

For cinema operators looking to build or refit facilities with enhanced technology that will not only enhance the customer experience, but also reduce maintenance costs, the NC3541L offers a variety of benefits. These include:

  • Vibrant and stunning colour reproduction for incredibly lifelike scenes using RB laser technology. By avoiding the use of optical filters, RB laser delivers more intense and more natural colours
  • Lower TCO, combining low initial investment with high reliability, maintenance free operation, low power consumption and up to 30,000 hours’ life
  • Brightness output can be individually adjusted to support the needs of both 2D and 3D content
  • Single-box solution that removes the need for separate cooling, external light sources and exhaust extraction

Central to the NC3541L is outstanding image quality, with full 4K resolution (4096 x 2160 pixel) support and a wide colour space that combines to deliver a homogeneous and contrast-rich laser image quality to showcase the latest 4K cinema content to its fullest extent. Particularly in larger and premium cinemas, maximising the visual experience is critical to delivering and enhancing revenues and repeat custom from patrons.

Gerd Kaiser, Senior Product Line Manager Large Venue Projectors at NEC Display Solutions Europe commented: “As we strive to meet and exceed the operational needs of cinema operators, the experience expectation of customers and keep up with innovative film makers, RB laser technology is an important step forward for projection solutions. By pioneering this technology, NEC is setting new standards for digital cinema projection. Offering a cost-effective, yet highly-advanced solution compared to current RGB laser systems in the market, the NC3541L provides cinema operators with the tools needed to deliver spectacular visual experiences.”

The NC3541L is also ideal for non-cinematic applications such as company presentations or gaming events, helping cinema venues to broaden their service offering and monetise screens during periods that would otherwise be downtime for the facility.

The NC3541L projector will debut with live demonstrations at CineEurope in Barcelona, Spain on 20-22 June 2017. It will be available to customers from September 2017 onwards.

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