Barco R7 – LED display con pixel-pitch da 7 mm

In occasione del prossimo InfoComm Show (14-16 giugno, Orlando, Florida), Barco metterà in mostra un nuovo modello di LED display della Serie R ampliando così la scelta in termini di pixel-pitch e fornire ancora possibilità creative e flessibilità in fase di installazione.

Barco R7 - LED display con pixel-pitch da 7 mm

Il nuovo R7 con pixel-pitch da 7 mm andrà infatti ad affiancarsi al modello da 10 mm (R10), per andare in contro alle diverse esigenze nell’ambito dei settori più diversi – retail, advertising, strutture per eventi e applicazioni per l’attrazione dei visitatori in contesti di vario genere.

Queste in breve le principali caratteristiche del nuovo Barco R7:

  • pixel-pitch: 7.22 mm
  • configurazione LED: SMD
  • pixel per modulo: 36 x 54 (H x V)
  • densità di pixel. 19,440/sqm
  • durata LED: 100.000 ore
  • luminosità: 5,000 nits (tipico)
  • elaborazione a 16 bit/colore; 281 trilioni di colori
  • dimming a 16 bit
  • refresh rate inferiore a 10.000 Hz
  • angolo di visione orizzontale e verticale: 110° (@ 50% di luminosità)
  • consumi energetici: 251W/m² (tipico)
  • capacità di curvatura del pannello: 0.5 metri (raggio)
  • indice di protezione IP54
  • dimensioni e peso: 260 x 390 x 5mm (modulo); meno di 5kg/sqm
  • accesso frontale per manutenzione

Di seguito, il comunicato ufficiale:

Barco expands creative possibilities of its LED digital media canvas with 7 mm pixel pitch version

Barco, global leader in LED technology, is proud to add a 7 mm pixel pitch model to its range of ‘digital media canvases’ – unique LED screens that radically differ from traditional LED displays.

The R-series provides more creative freedom, and greatly reduces setup time and cost thanks to their thin, lightweight and bendable design. Designed for retail, advertising, venues, and visitor attractions applications, the R-series frees customers from the limitations of traditional LED displays when digitizing their visual communication.

“Venue owners, advertisers, and retailers are faced with the ever-challenging task of catching the attention of consumers and visitors. At the same time, they want to reduce installation time and cost. The R-series’ unique design not only allows for cost-savings, it also frees designers from the limitations of traditional LED displays – so their message stands out in installations that were unimaginable before,” comments Wim Buyens, Senior VP Entertainment at Barco. “With the introduction of our R7 display, we now offer a wider choice in pixel pitches: customers can now choose from a 7 or 10 mm pixel pitch R-series display for their project.”

Digital in a day

Installation and maintenance are key cost drivers for store façades, museums, theaters, houses of worship, stadiums, and corporate or event venues. Up to 75% lighter, the R-series is much easier and faster to install than traditional LED displays, which minimizes installation cost. Offered in sheets up to 4.68 meters long and only 5 mm thick (including louvers), the digital media canvases can cover all kinds of surfaces. And to remove today’s cable clutter, cabling, control, and power electronics are fully integrated on every sheet. Moreover, the power supply unit can be located remotely for easy servicing.

Endless creativity

With the R-series, eye-catching LED visualization can be installed in applications and on surfaces that were previously impossible, like curved façades, subway station tunnels or creative stage sets. Thanks to their unique bendable, ultra-thin design, architectural constraints are reduced and less space needs to be freed up. And with minimal need for a supporting structure, the R-series can be glued onto a surface or wrapped around curved shapes. Plus, there are no visual segmentations or gaps, as is the case with standard tiled LED displays.

Go digital where no one has gone digital before

Because the total system weight of an R-series display is significantly lighter than a traditional LED display and because it’s so thin, Barco’s digital media canvases transform virtually any surface into a digital screen, at any time. Eliminating the need for heavy weight load support, this opens up a whole new dimension in creative design. Historic buildings, transportation vehicles, and many more objects can now be outfitted with LED visualization.

Powerful processing

Driven by Barco’s InfinipixTM image processing platform, the R-series continues the acclaimed Barco image quality with excellent low-brightness performance and without image tearing. This future-proof platform provides a straightforward web-based interface that enables display configuration, control, monitoring, and maintenance – anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Based on HTML5, different operating systems and mobile devices can be used to control the R-series, both on-site and off-site. The system supports SNMP to export monitoring data, but sends automatic failure alerts and status notifications as well to minimize operational risk.

Visit us at InfoComm 2017

Discover our R-series digital media canvas at the InfoComm trade show in Orlando, from 14 – 16 June. You will find Barco at booth 3601.

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